Heat Proofing

  • Heat Shield, Roof Heat Proofing solution, Helder Heat Shield Coating
  • Helder-Water-Guard

HELDER Heat Proofing Shield is a simple and effective way to protect building Structures from harmful heat waves and give a pleasant environment inside the building. This anti-heat system reflects heat backward and It may be applied easily on concrete, wooden, metal structures so properties in hot sunny weather save energy and money. People do not require air-conditioning after applying HELDER Heat Proofing. Less solar heat passes through heat insulation chemicals into the buildings. HELDER Heat Shield reduces electricity bills when it is applied on walls and ceilings and it is also good for building lifeless depreciation. It makes the inside rooms’ temperature cooler in summer and Walls and Roofs do not absorb radiant heat from the sun. This Coating only reflects radiant heat and don’t worry it does not cool the inside temperature In winter.


Pakistan is a tropical nation and in a large portion of the urban areas of Pakistan, the temperature can mount up to 45 degrees Celsius and now and again, it very well may be up to 50 degrees Celsius. Considering significant urban areas of Pakistan for example Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi, the ordinary summer season can bring about a normal temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Under these hot temperature conditions, individuals are for the most part left with no other choice except for to utilize climate control systems and this at last outcomes in an uncommon increment of power bills. Many individuals are as yet ignorant about the way that hotness sealing is an exceptionally successful substitute for involving climate control systems in the warm summer season. Whenever done expertly, heat sealing can assist with dropping down the room temperature from 6 to 15 degrees Celsius and that too with practically no expansion in your ordinary power bill.