Ammar Group of Companies was established in 2009. Since 2009 we have grown progressively into one of the Pakistan’s Leading and Recognizable reputable business. We priorities customer satisfaction over profit. Our testimony is our thousands of satisfied clients. Electronic accessories and construction materials available in markets throughout Pakistan are either of inferior quality or are too expensive. Suppliers of these materials have monopolized the market and used this to charge high Profits on goods and product, making their prices excessive high compared to the international market. On insistence of our customers, Ammar Group of Companies have taken the initiative to launch our own line of Accessories, Construction Materials and Construction Chemicals named Roof Waterproofing Company “HELDER Paints & Coatings”.

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Apply yourself HELDER Thermal Insulation Coating & HELDER Water Guard.

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Since 2009, We are providing Protective Coatings & Construction Chemicals
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HELDER Paints & Coatings

HELDER paints & coatingsproducts and accessories are specially designed and manufactured considering the climate, economy and other aspect of Pakistan and our customers. HELDER Paints & Coatings is equivalent in quality to any other product globally recognized and has been ISO Certified to be of international Standard and customized specially for Consumers in Pakistan. Although its quality is not inferior to any other globally recognized products available in the market, yet its prices are comparatively much lower than other competitors. The result of applying paint is for any surface to look nicer, look more vibrant, appear cleaner, or ​seem newer than it did before paint was applied. Helder have many varieties in chemical such as helder heat shield for walls & roof heat proofing. helder cementitious waterproofing (Roof Waterproofing Company ).

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