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HELDER Heat Shield (Roof Heat Proofing Chemical)
June 29, 2022
Helder Elasto Filler
HELDER Elasto Filler
September 14, 2022

HELDER Cementitious Coating

Covers Per Bucket Area: 350 Sqft


The HELDER cementitious coating for water guard karachi protects your place from water leakage issues. We use the finest quality waterproof cement, bitumen sheets, and waterproofing membrane of the highest quality. The Process begins with an inspection of your affected roofs or basements. The roof or the affected area is thoroughly cleaned. Then we check out for cracks in your roof. Each crack is filled with the best waterproofing cement in Pakistan that we use. After the inspection, cleaning, and crack filling process. We apply waterproofing chemicals to your roof that will ensure the best waterproofing in Karachi. We have done many waterproofing projects in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and other cities of Pakistan that have got exceptional results.

Cementitious waterproofing coatings are kinds of breathable coatings that can give cement and workmanship surfaces positive-and negative-side waterproofing.

Positive-side waterproofing makes a water guard boundary on a superficial level being referred that as applied hydrostatic strain. On an establishment, for instance, this would be the external surface nearest to the dirt. Negative-side waterproofing, then again, safeguards the surface that is inverse to the side that has applied hydrostatic strain. An illustration of this would be within a cellar divider. As well as keeping dampness out, these coatings can keep harm from shape, buildup, and water invasion.
Cementitious items are viewed as the absolute simplest waterproofing materials to blend and apply, and they give an exceptionally strong and solid coating when acrylic added substances are blended into the concrete. The materials included are not difficult to get and are especially fit to wet regions like restrooms.

The following are a couple of the particular advantages this sort of waterproofing offers private and business properties.
Cementitious materials are one of the foremost fixings that make up the substantial combination. There are two kinds of cementitious materials: pressure-driven concrete and beneficial cementitious materials (SCMs). Pressure-driven concrete set and solidify by responding artificially with water.

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